QR Codes on the Big Screen

I’ve been using QR codes in my classroom for scavenger hunts and as a tool for research. If you haven’t viewed my presentation on making your own QR codes and using them in the classroom, check it out here.

If I want all of my students to visit one website (especially one with a combination of characters that might be hard to type in) I’ll project the QR code onto my board and have all students scan it straight from their seats. This eliminates the printing, copying and distributing of papers and makes for a quick, easy scan for all students.

Try projecting this QR code and scanning it yourself!

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    1. I experienced the same thing in my trainings (glare and angles ruining a QR scan), so I am leaning towards CHIRP.io app since we all have iPads and iPhones at my location. It is an audio QR of sorts. Check it out if you have not tried it yet. You can audio QR links, pics & notes.

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