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iBooks Reading Guides

One thing I love about iBooks is how easy it is to take notes and organize your thinking.
I use iBooks to prepare reading guides for student book clubs. If your students are reading classic texts (Treasure Island, Jane Eyre, etc.) these books can be downloaded for free.  If my students are going to be reading in a book club with hard copies of a text, I’ll purchase a copy on iBooks so I can prepare a reading guide for them. Here’s how:
  • As I’m reading I’ll highlight a piece of text and add a note.  This note will be a comprehension question I think that students should be able to stop and answer when they finish the chapter.
  • I can access all of these notes (comprehension questions) in one place, no matter when or where in the book I stopped to record them.
  • All of these notes (comprehension questions) can be emailed together, and are already organized by chapter.
  • I will give this list to students at the beginning of a book club with the expectation that this will guide their reading responses and group discussions.
Highlight any word and you’ll have the option to add a note.
Press the “Share” button to email your notes.
All of your comprehension questions will be organized by chapter.

Check out my book club guide for The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate.

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