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Haiku Deck for Small Presentations

I love Keynote and use it to present information to students across the content areas.  Haiku Deck is a great alternative platform for presentations. The best part:  it’s free and student friendly!

This app allows you to create swipeable slides with a photo background and a small amount of text (…think haiku).  It has a gallery of photos to choose from, and uses words on your slide to help you find the perfect background image – you also have the option to upload your own photos.

I’ve used Haiku Deck to share KBADs, give short writing prompts and just switch it up from my usual Keynote presentations.

It doesn’t take long to make one and students can use it to create their own presentations too!


UPDATE: There are new features that have been added to Haiku Deck that are worth checking out!  My favorite has to be the ability to add bulleted list and more text to your presentation slides – a fantastic update to one of my go-to apps!

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  1. Hi Monica,
    Thanks so much for writing about us on your blog! We hope you were able to try out our newest version of the app which includes features such as bulleted/numbered lists and the ability to crop/resize your images. Also, in a couple more weeks, we’ll be adding more themes to our app as well as some other great new features!
    Lisa from Team Haiku Deck

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