Getting to Know the iPad AND Each Other

One of the challenges of introducing anything new to students is allowing time for self discovery.  This is especially true when using the iPad in the classroom.  As the new school year approached, I knew that I wanted students working on their iPads on Day One.

In addition to introducing some apps that we will be using this year, I felt that it was important to give them some free time to explore the iPad – if only to eliminate some distractions down the line.

In my first year using the iPad with students, one feature that they loved to “explore” was the camera.  I’ve used the camera with students for various activities throughout the school year but this September I decided to have them filming right away.

Working with partners students first interviewed each other asking questions such as:
What books did you read over the summer?
Did you visit any family members?
What activities got you outdoors this summer?

With their partner students filmed each other answering the questions and played their videos back to rest of their groups.  Students then emailed me their videos and I hope to play these back to them at the end of the year.  (Using the reverse filming option, students can also film themselves independently).

Stay tuned to hear about how the camera can be used to film persuasive commercials, book recommendations, and much more!

Check out my lesson plan using the Camera app in my classroom!

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  1. I was thinking of doing something very similar but also have students use ChatterPix or Yak-it to make it funny and more entertaining. Perhaps even having the interviewer speak in place of the interviewee, but sharing their responses to the questions?

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