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Sticky Notes for a Tech Friendly Classroom

The Sticky Notes app has taken technology integration in my classroom’s Reader’s Workshop to a brand new level!

This free app allows you to organize sticky notes, customize the size of the note, change the font, text color, and the “paper” color of the sticky note.

In this example, the student writes the date and page number of where they stopped in their current book.  The purple notes are for wonderings/questions, the yellow notes are for answers to their questions, and the blue notes are for connections.  I allow students to “stop and jot” their notes using this app during our Reader’s Workshop time.

Not only does this save paper and eliminate all the post-its that end up on my classroom floor (or the bottom of my shoe), it integrates technology into our Reader’s Workshop while still using the traditional paperback books that fill our classroom library.

Students can also take a screen shot of their sticky notes and email you their work.  This would make a great bulletin board item too (no more post its falling off!)

Check out my common core aligned lesson plan using Sticky Notes in the classroom!

Here’s another common core aligned lesson plan using Sticky Notes in the classroom!

One more common core aligned lesson plan using this app in the classroom!

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  1. Sticky notes provide great assistance in the focus and productivity of students. Teachers are likely to benefit from it as well. With a bit of creative thinking – sticky notes can also be used as an educational tool. From checking how the students’ understood the lessons up to giving them extra credits, that’s not a problem with this great app.

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