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Gmail to Organize Student Work

I use Gmail for my personal email account and it is great in the classroom too. I have students send work they completed on their iPads (this works with PCs too) to a teacher Gmail account I set up in September.  Each student uses the same student Gmail account to send their work to me (I’ve set up each student’s iPad to send and receive emails from the same account).

So that’s two gmail accounts: 1. My teacher gmail account, 2. One student email address that all of the students use to send their work

If students write their name in the subject line of the email it makes it easy to search through my old emails for all of the work they have sent me that year.  Using Gmail’s search function, I can type in a student’s name and it pulls up all of the work that child has emailed me from the beginning of the school year until now.

1. Type in the students name
2. Press “Search”
3. All of the work they have sent you will appear on screen

I just think about the student who can’t find their Writer’s Notebook in January and are now missing months of their hard work.  This is a great way to store, organize and access student work throughout the school year.

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4 Responses to “Gmail to Organize Student Work”

  1. You can also set up a filter in Gmail by class (as long as you have your kids write their class period also in the subject (which is what I did)). Gmail will then instantly redirect those emails into the appropriate folders.

    This opens the door for many “virtual” assignments that hit on several tech integration benchmarks!

    • Since my students all send from the same email address (one I set up on all of their iPads) they put their names in the subject line so I search by their name, which pretty much solves the same issue as searching by “sender.”

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