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Taking screenshots (or capturing what you see on your iPad screen) is a great way to show students step by step instructions for work you want them to complete.  It’s the same thing I did when describing how to Make Your Own Buttons for the iPad screen.  In order to capture a screenshot you press the Home button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time.  Follow Apple’s instructions for how to take a screenshot on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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4 Responses to “Screenshots”

  1. I know a few teachers who do the same thing. Some of them would use screenshot for mathematical processes. Others use it for things they encounter while browsing which they think would be interesting to impart to the class and then save it as an image. In that way, sharing becomes easier and more fluid. In fact, they also tell their students to do the same thing so they could have something to share too. It’s an amazing strategy actually. Students are very likely to develop good communication skills with this as well. Thumbs up!

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