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Using an iPad with Free Applications in the Classroom

19 Jun

Click on the picture to view the presentation from today’s iPad in the NYC Schools event at the UFT headquarters.  Email or comment below with any questions.

Internet Research: Fact or Fiction?

11 Jun

Internet research in any classroom can be challenging.  Students want to believe that everything they read is true.   Here are three great sites to demonstrate to students the importance of using critical thinking skills when conducting research online.

All About Explorers

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Check out my bundle of Common Core aligned iPad lesson plans for teaching ELA with iPads in the classroom!

Today in History

6 Jun

This Day in History is a free app from World Book Encyclopedia that lists historical events that took place on a particular date.  It let’s you search any day of the year and provides a longer explanation (encyclopedia entry) of each event’s significance.

Check out this common core aligned lesson plan to use in Social Studies with iPads in you classroom!

Here’s another common core aligned lesson plan to use in Social Studies with iPads in you classroom!

Summer Reading Log

4 Jun

Scholastic is offering a Summer Challenge for students!  Students can use the Scholastic Summer Challenge website or their Reading Timer app to keep track of their reading all summer.  The app allows students to set a timer for their reading and log their minutes each day.  For parents, the app includes tips, book lists, and articles.

I’m encouraging my students with access to the Internet this summer (even at the public library) to set up an account and keep track of their summer reading!

Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan bundle for teaching ELA in the classroom! (Here’s bundle #2 and bundle #3!)





This app is also available on Android devices.

Make Your Own Buttons

2 Jun

A great feature of the iPad are the easy to access apps on your home screen.  Creating your own buttons allows you to jump to any website you choose quickly.  Instead of bookmarking sites you visit everyday you can create a one tap button for your home screen.

1. Type in your favorite website (
2. Press the bookmark button
3. Choose “Add to Home Screen”

4. Type in the name you want to appear next to icon

You’re now one tap away from your favorite websites!

If your students frequently access websites (ex. periodic assessments) this is a great way to simplify the process.

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