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Vimeo for Videos

A fantastic alternative to YouTube is Vimeo.  Unlike YouTube, Vimeo’s website isn’t block by Websense on most networks and its HD quality videos look beautiful on all screens, including the iPad.  In addition to its search function, the Vimeo iPad app allows users to shoot, edit and upload their own videos.

I’ve used HD videos from Vimeo when creating interactive textbooks for the iPad.  This time lapse video of the Canadian Rockies is a great example of the quality of clips available on the site.

Here’s a Common Core aligned lesson plan using this app!

Check out this Common Core lesson plan on using interactive textbooks in your classroom!

*This website isn’t censored so make sure you search and preview before sharing with students

This app is also available on Android devices.

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  1. smeech

    I suggest adding the suggestion to advocate for opening Youtube instead of just looking for alternative resource. That would be a positive addition to the post!

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