Test Prep Aids for the Teacher – Pacing

27 May

Although the New York State tests for elementary students are finished for this year, I know that I’m not the only person with test prep still on their mind.

My students always need help with pacing and it’s tough keeping kids excited about something that is stressful for everyone. I love the free iPad timer apps that help us stay aware of the time we spend reading passages and answering questions.

There are free timer apps to help students practice pacing. I often project the timer on the board like a countdown clock, working my students towards a goal. When students are practicing independently or working with partners they can set their own iPad timers to keep track of their progress.

One free timer app I like is Timer+.

Other uses for the timer:

  • Setting time limits for classroom activities
  • Monitoring everyday reading stamina
  • Share your ideas in the comment section!

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