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Curriculum Planning – Common Core Learning Standards

Most schools are beginning to embrace the national Common Core Learning Standards. If you haven’t heard of them or are not sure if your district is moving in this direction, learn more here.

The Common Core Learning Standards are straightforward and user friendly – but you need to know them in order to plan instruction aligned with these new standards.

I like to avoid carrying folders and creating piles of paper as much as possible. There are free Common Core Learning Standards apps that allow you to keep these standards – for allgrades and subject areas – at your finger tips. Instead of sifting through google search results or piles of paper, a copy of the Common Core Learning Standards will always be close at hand.

This is one free Common Core Learning Standard app that I like.

This is a great resource to share with parents and students too!

Check out my Teachers Pay Teacher Store for common core aligned lesson plans that correspond to different iPad apps!

This app is also available on Android devices.

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  1. Hi Monica,
    We have much in common regarding the CCSS. We should keep in touch and discover if there are project we can work on together. Check out some of my content and let’s see what we can do!


    The Core Deconstructed – iPD for your iPad

    My book is also in Teachers pay Teachers at an introductory price

    Happy New Year!

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