SMARTBoard Simulator for the iPad

Educreations is a fantastic iPad app that simulates the SMARTBoard touch screen experience. You will use a regular projector and projector screen – I’m often projecting onto my SMARTBoard even though my iPad isn’t connected to it.

This app allows you to use your iPad screen as a blank canvas to write on while recording your entire session. For example I might import a picture of a Scholastic News article and identify text features for my students. As I write on the screen I can record what is happening and these short videos can be played back for the whole class. It’s wonderful to be able to play these “mini-lessons” a second time for students who need repetition, or for students who might enter the class late or have been pulled out to work with a service provider. Sometimes I’ll stop the children when they are working independently and replay the short clip from the introduction of the lesson to review our skill.

After adding a picture from your camera roll (here is a screen shot off of the Scholastic News website) you can write all over the text in a variety of colors.
It’s easy to save and play back any lessons that you’ve recorded.

Educreations also allows you to take pictures while using the app and then write all over it – eliminating extra steps. This feature is fantastic for test prep. Additionally, you can share these lessons through a unique link that can be emailed to anyone right off of your iPad.

Although I’ve gotten pretty good at writing with my finger on the screen a stylus (Amazon has them for around $10) definitely comes in handy for using this app.

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Links to your lessons can be emailed for view on other devices.
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    1. Hi James, have you tried using the SMART Notebook software? Even if you don’t have a SMARTBoard it’ll work great on your laptop – it’s free for the first 30 days.

    1. If I know I’m doing something I want to have easy editing options I always use Doceri, it has amazing features for going back and fixing your recording

    1. Thanks for your question! I project onto the SMARTBoard in my classroom just like it was any old projection screen. My iPad doesn’t connect to the SMARTBoard so if you touch the SMARTBoard screen nothing happens to the iPad screen. This app simulates a SMARTBoard because you can write on your iPad screen using your finger or a stylus just like you would write on the SMARTBoard using your finger or a pen. Hope this helps! Don’t forget to check out Class Tech Tips on Facebook and Twitter.

      1. But how do you connect your iPad to project what you are recording in educreations app to appear on your classroom SMARTBoard?

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