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Siri Speaks to Me

For Apple lovers like me the iPhone 4S was at first a mixed blessing.  I was desperately in need of a new upgrade, but initially underwhelmed with the features of the 4S. (Where was the iPhone 5 I had been dreaming of?)

Siri (voice recognition software on the new iPhone operating system) has made my life easier and most importantly it has increased my productivity.
In the data driven world of education that demands consistent documentation–evidence that I’m doing my job– Siri has enabled me to document student conferences and create comments to post on student work.
I use one of the apps on my iPhone 4S to dictate my comments about a student’s work. Then I print them out and attach them to work I’m stapling to a buliten board and place another copy straight in my assessment binder.  I prefer doing this in Pages because it syncs up with my iPad and I can print it out straight from there.  Any notes app or even an email that you can send to a printer works too.
Let’s get started!
Using the voice recognition tool on my keyboard I record comments for student work in the Pages app. I make any edits and print it straight from my iPhone or iPad using wireless printing, or email the document to my desktop for printing.
I print a copy of student work comments (in a smaller font) for my assessment binder to track student progress.
After recording my caption, I print it out in a large size and staple it to student work before it goes up on our bulletin board.  When it comes down, I place it in my student’s portfolios.
Is Siri’s voice recognition perfect? Of course not, but I’ve tried other dictation applications (ex. Dragon Dictation) and this one comes on top by a mile.  At first it can be frustrating to tone down your regional dictation (there are some Long Island words I still struggle with) but once you learn the “Siri lingo” you’ll be set.  Here’s a link that lays out everything for you.
Good luck with your dictation practice. I hope Siri speaks to you too!

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