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Vimeo for Videos

A fantastic alternative to YouTube is Vimeo.  Unlike YouTube, Vimeo’s website isn’t block by Websense on most networks and its HD quality videos look beautiful on all screens, including the iPad.  In addition to its search function, the Vimeo iPad app allows users to shoot, edit and upload their own videos. I’ve used HD videos from Vimeo when creating interactive textbooks for the iPad.  This time lapse video of the… Read Article →

ESPN Map Madness

UPDATE: This app is no longer available in the app store.  In the meantime check out this great map app! A great game for getting students excited about United States geography is the ESPN Map Madness app. Using clues like team logos and home courts, this app asks you to pinpoint on a map the location of professional and college, football and basketball teams. Players are awarded points for their speed and… Read Article →

Test Prep Aids for the Teacher – Pacing

Although the New York State tests for elementary students are finished for this year, I know that I’m not the only person with test prep still on their mind. My students always need help with pacing and it’s tough keeping kids excited about something that is stressful for everyone. I love the free iPad timer apps that help us stay aware of the time we spend reading passages and answering… Read Article →


If you’re interested in starting a class website WordPress is a free site that offers you a blog format to update homework assignments, upload pictures and share links with students and their families. The WordPress app makes it quick and easy to update your blog on the go. This app works just as well on the iPhone as the iPad. I’ve taken a quick photo at an school assembly and… Read Article →

Stack the States

Stack the States in a must have app that’s fantastic for geography practice at any age. Students answer multiple choice questions and have visuals of each state as they choose their answer. There is a free version of this app that my students use on their iPad, the paid app seems unnecessary because the lite version is solid. Check out Stack the Countries for world geography questions. Check out my… Read Article →

Curriculum Planning – Common Core Learning Standards

Most schools are beginning to embrace the national Common Core Learning Standards. If you haven’t heard of them or are not sure if your district is moving in this direction, learn more here. The Common Core Learning Standards are straightforward and user friendly – but you need to know them in order to plan instruction aligned with these new standards. I like to avoid carrying folders and creating piles of… Read Article →

Interactive Maps

Interactive maps can bring geography and community studies to life! Whether you are working on a screen projection to zoom in, or searching for monuments or specific regions, instructional possibilities are endless. Students can use Google street view to zoom in on the street outside their school, or look at the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic to see deforestation right from their desks.   Using Apple’s map app… Read Article →

TED Talks

TED Talks are wonderful for adults and high school students, but I use them with my fifth graders – most often in small groups to extend guided reading or book club discussions. If you’re not familiar with TED Talks they are worth checking out! Speakers are given 5 to 20 minutes to wow an audience with their knowledge, perspective and discoveries on their area of expertise. Topics range greatly and… Read Article →

Read Alouds and Short Text Recorder

There are some teacher tools that have changed my instruction immensely and this is one of them! QuickVoice allows you to record your voice and I use it for read alouds and test prep throughout the school year.  You can record your own voice reading a short text or picture book and play it back to your students.  I usually use this with my iPhone and then plug it in… Read Article →